TNA Fact Sheets


This section presents TNA fact sheets, which are extracted from the TNA reports of countries that participated in TNA Phase 1 from 2011 to 2013. These factsheets have been prepared by respective countries to help in their stakeholder consultation process for technology prioritisation. While the content is available in English, Spanish and French depending on the country, all titles are in English in the database.


The fact sheets can be searched on the basis of action, sector, country, region, technology class and prioritised technology.


The sector classification into mitigation and adaptation is largely based on the one used by UNFCCC. You can access UNFCCC sector classification here 



Technology Class
Prioritized Technology


Item Name Action Sector Technology Class Prioritized Technology Country Download
Cultivation of agricultural crops in alternative strips Adaptation Forest and agriculture Mixed farming No Republic of Moldova Download
Cultivation of fodder crops (French) Adaptation Forest and agriculture Cultivation of fodder crops Yes Mali Download
Cycle Trails (ES) Mitigation Transport Non-motorized Transport No Costa Rica Download
DC Motor/ Alternator Based Inverter For Grid Connected Solar PV Systems Mitigation Energy Solar power No Sri Lanka Download
Decanting (ES) Mitigation Forest and agriculture Improved storage and handling No Ecuador Download
Decentralised rapid pest and disease diagnosis service Adaptation Forest and agriculture Improved rapid pest and plant disease diagnosis Yes Mauritius Download
Deep well water extraction in the dry season Adaptation Water Deep wells for water supply in dry season No Vietnam Download
Deepening of ponds (French) Adaptation Water Rainwater harvesting Yes Mali Download
Demarcation and Protection of Riparian Buffer Zones Adaptation Coastal zones Mapping and protecting buffer zones along rivers N/A Ghana Download
Desalination Adaptation Water Desalination Yes Mauritius Download
Desalination (ES) Adaptation Water Desalination Yes Peru Download
Desalination of brackish water by reverse osmosis Adaptation Water Desalination No Sri Lanka Download
Desalination of salt water (French) Adaptation Water Desalination Yes Senegal Download
Desalination of sea water for drinking water production (French) Adaptation Water Desalination No Morocco Download
Desalination with renewable energy (French) Adaptation Water Desalination No Morocco
Desalinization of sea water for fresh water Adaptation Water Desalination No Vietnam Download
Detection and repair of piping systems (ES) Adaptation Water Leakage reduction and loss management in water supply Yes Peru Download
Development of a National Action Plan on adaptation and health protection during heat wave Adaptation Health Heat wave - national plan for response No Republic of Moldova Download
Development of an Agricultural irrigation Information System and dissemination of best practices of conduct for dryland crops; (French) Adaptation Forest and agriculture Irrigation information system and best practice dessemination N/A Morocco Download
Development of cultivation engineering of beef cattle Adaptation Forest and agriculture Selective livestock breeding Yes Indonesia Download
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