TNA Fact Sheets


This section presents TNA fact sheets, which are extracted from the TNA reports of countries that participated in TNA Phase 1 from 2011 to 2013. These factsheets have been prepared by respective countries to help in their stakeholder consultation process for technology prioritisation. While the content is available in English, Spanish and French depending on the country, all titles are in English in the database.


The fact sheets can be searched on the basis of action, sector, country, region, technology class and prioritised technology.


The sector classification into mitigation and adaptation is largely based on the one used by UNFCCC. You can access UNFCCC sector classification here 



Technology Class
Prioritized Technology


Item Name Action Sector Technology Class Prioritized Technology Country Download
Fast Electrical Bus System (ES) Mitigation Transport Mass Transport No Costa Rica Download
Filtration (ES) Mitigation Forest and agriculture Improved storage and handling No Ecuador Download
Fixators of free nitrogen (N) (ES) Mitigation Forest and agriculture Fertilizer management No Argentina Download
Floating Mariculture Systems for Sea Weed Farming Adaptation Forest and agriculture Sea weed farming No Sri Lanka Download
Flood and drought risk management Adaptation Planning for climate change and variation Early warning and information dessemination No Thailand
Flood defense: "Eco-technology for the protection and conservation of mangroves" (ES) Adaptation Soft structural options Wetland restoration and protection No Cuba Download
Flood early warning Adaptation Planning for climate change and variation Early warning and information dessemination Yes Azerbaijan Download
Flood warning systems Adaptation Planning for climate change and variation Early warning and information dessemination No Vietnam Download
Flour production (ES) Mitigation Waste Use of organic waste for feed products Yes Ecuador Download
Flue Gas Based Fuel Dryer For Biomass Combustors Mitigation Energy Waste Heat Recovery Yes Sri Lanka Download
Focus on conservation of resources and carryout special management for restricted range, highly threatened species and ecosystems Adaptation Forest and agriculture Biodiversity Management System Yes Sri Lanka Download
Fogtower (ES) Adaptation Water Fog harvesting Yes Peru Download
Forced air furnace (ES) Mitigation Mining and Industry Industry oven and furnace efficiency Yes Colombia Download
Forecasting and early warning technology Adaptation Planning for climate change and variation Yes Thailand
Forecasting and Hydrological Models Adaptation Natural disasters Natural disaster management - flood and drought Yes Thailand
Forest Fire control by geographical positioning system (GPS) and remote sensing Adaptation Natural disasters GPS and remote sensing in forest fire control No Vietnam Download
Forest strip protection of agriculture land Adaptation Forest and agriculture Wind breakers No Mongolia Download
Forestry intensive use of high-value genetic material especially suited to flat areas (ES) Adaptation Forest and agriculture Artifical plantation with selected tree species No Cuba Download
Formal education program for schools and universities in integrated coastal management (Software) (ES) Adaptation Coastal zones Education on integrated coastal management Yes Dominican Republic Download
Fuel cells for mobile applications Mitigation Transport Vehicle and Fuel technologies No Republic of Moldova Download
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