TNA Fact Sheets


This section presents TNA fact sheets, which are extracted from the TNA reports of countries that participated in TNA Phase 1 from 2011 to 2013. These factsheets have been prepared by respective countries to help in their stakeholder consultation process for technology prioritisation. While the content is available in English, Spanish and French depending on the country, all titles are in English in the database.


The fact sheets can be searched on the basis of action, sector, country, region, technology class and prioritised technology.


The sector classification into mitigation and adaptation is largely based on the one used by UNFCCC. You can access UNFCCC sector classification here 



Technology Class
Prioritized Technology


Item Name Action Sector Technology Class Prioritized Technology Country Download
Index Insurance Adaptation Forest and agriculture Agricultural crop insurance N/A Lebanon Download
Induction furnace (ES) Mitigation Mining and Industry Industry oven and furnace efficiency Yes Colombia Download
Industrial and commercial end-use energy efficiency (for commercial/industrial and mining) Mitigation Residential & Commercial Private sector end-use efficiency N/A Zambia Download
Infiltration trenches (ES) Adaptation Coastal zones Stormwater management Yes Peru Download
Inflatable dam (French) Adaptation Coastal zones Seawalls Dikes and Barriers No Morocco Download
Inhibitors for volatilization of urea (ES) Mitigation Forest and agriculture Fertilizer management No Argentina Download
Innovative cattle feed practices to reduce GHG emissions (ES) Mitigation Forest and agriculture Improved feeding practices Yes Argentina
Insect and pest control Adaptation Forest and agriculture Improved pest and inset control No Vietnam Download
Integrate Pest Management (IPM) Adaptation Forest and agriculture Integrated pest management N/A Lebanon Download
Integrate Production and Protection (IPP) of Greenhouse Crops Adaptation Forest and agriculture Greenhouse crops N/A Lebanon Download
Integrated Climate Change Monitoring and Early Warning System Adaptation Planning for climate change and variation N/A Ghana Download
Integrated coal gasification combined cycle Mitigation Energy Coal gasification No Mongolia Download
Integrated coastal zone management (ICZM) Adaptation Coastal zones Integrated coastal zone management (ICZM) No Vietnam Download
Integrated crop-small livestock-fish-poultry-vegetable production system Adaptation Forest and agriculture Mixed farming N/A Zambia Download
Integrated forest - peat carbon measurement and monitoring technology Mitigation Forest and agriculture Peat Carbon management No Indonesia Download
Integrated Modeling Adaptation Planning for climate change and variation Yes Thailand
Integrated Nutrient Management in Mongolia Adaptation Forest and agriculture Soil management No Mongolia Download
Integrated Public Transport (ES) Mitigation Transport Mass Transport Yes Costa Rica Download
Integrated river basin management (IRBM) Adaptation Water Integrated river basin management No Vietnam Download
Integrated Soil Nutrient Management Adaptation Forest and agriculture Soil management N/A Ghana Download
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