TNA Fact Sheets


This section presents TNA fact sheets, which are extracted from the TNA reports of countries that participated in TNA Phase 1 from 2011 to 2013. These factsheets have been prepared by respective countries to help in their stakeholder consultation process for technology prioritisation. While the content is available in English, Spanish and French depending on the country, all titles are in English in the database.


The fact sheets can be searched on the basis of action, sector, country, region, technology class and prioritised technology.


The sector classification into mitigation and adaptation is largely based on the one used by UNFCCC. You can access UNFCCC sector classification here 



Technology Class
Prioritized Technology


Item Name Action Sector Technology Class Prioritized Technology Country Download
Recycling (ES) Mitigation Waste Recycling Yes Peru Download
Reduce, reuse and recycle (3Rs) Mitigation Waste Recycling Yes Bhutan Download
Reducing emissions from forest degradation and deforestation (REDD+) Mitigation Forest and agriculture REDD No Vietnam Download
Reducing other stresses on species and ecosystems Adaptation Forest and agriculture Biodiversity Management System No Sri Lanka Download
Reducing water leakages in water management facilities Adaptation Water Leakage reduction and loss management in water supply Yes Azerbaijan Download
Reforestation (French) Mitigation Forest and agriculture Afforestation & Reforestation Yes Mali Download
Reforestation (ES) Adaptation Forest and agriculture Reforestation Yes Peru Download
Regeneration of beaches or beach fill (ES) Adaptation Coastal zones Regeneration of beach and dunes Yes Colombia Download
Regeneration of dunes (ES) Adaptation Coastal zones Regeneration of beach and dunes Yes Colombia Download
Regenerative braking in trains Mitigation Transport Regenerative braking No Republic of Moldova Download
Regenerative burner combustion system (RBCS) Mitigation Energy Combined heat and power Yes Indonesia Download
Rehabilitation Adaptation Soft structural options Wetland restoration and protection No Dominican Republic Download
Rehabilitation and development of mangrove Mitigation Forest and agriculture Mangrove restoration Yes Vietnam Download
Rehabilitation of existing embankments/ dykes and dredging Adaptation Coastal zones Rahabilitation of existing coastal infrastracture Yes Bangladesh Download
Reorganization of Transportation (ES) Mitigation Transport Traffic Management No Cuba Download
Replacement of Incandescent lamps with Energy Efficient lamps Mitigation Residential & Commercial Efficient Lighting Systems No Republic of Moldova Download
Replacing diesel with biodiesel in automotive transportation of cargo and passengers (ES) Mitigation Energy Biodiesel No Cuba Download
Replacing the moldboard plow with harrow with heavy discs (Annex 3) for tillage up to 20cm deep without application of organic fertilizers Mitigation Forest and agriculture Tillage /Residue Management No Republic of Moldova Download
Replanting of Sea Grasses Adaptation Coastal zones Restoration of coastal vegetation No Sri Lanka Download
Repowering (ES) Mitigation Transport Efficient freight management No Cuba Download
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